Post Search for Facebook Pages

I'm releasing the code for a completely self indulgent project, a search tab for FB pages. I just wanted to find a post I saw 2 months ago on one particular fan page and I couldn't  because it was buried somewhere under 2 months worth of posts so I put on my jamming hat and the result is now on github

A full working version has been around since last December and it can be found in canvas form here and here's how it looks like once it's installed to a page.

It's all wrapped up in CodeIgniter awesomeness but it's actually quite small, and can easily exist outside of a framework. 

But it doesn't.  Because structure and discipline, man! 

Anyway. Page Search works well for pages with a small number of posts and it does not break for pages with tons of posts but since it only searches within a particular time frame, the user is required to keep pressing the Older Posts button until it either finds a match or it doesn't, in which case it will say so.