Colour Relativity

Now that The dress is no longer a popular topic, I finally feel like talking about it and offering my point of view on it, which is surprisingly non-offensive. I agree with everyone on this issue and agreeing with anyone on anything is a very rare event for me.

If I focus on the portion of the image that's to the bottom left and stay focused on it for a couple of seconds, I see the dress as black and blue.

If I focus my sight onto a single point of the image to the right of the dress where there's something red in the middle, the dress becomes baby blue and orange.

If I focus slightly below on the ochre baseboards (or bottom of curtains, or window somethings?), the dress becomes slate blue and olive green.

If I don't focus on a particular portion of the image overall when the dress is set against a black background, I see it as white and gold.

If, on the other hand, the dress is set against a white background, then overall I see it as slate blue and olive green.

The Dress against white background

More interesting to me is how the Harmonic Filters in Coloroid Pro "see" and interpret the colours.

Based on the results below and knowing how Coloroid Pro generates results in general, it appears that its Harmonic Filters are interpreting the dress as slate blue and olive green.

The Dress is blue and green according to the current version of Coloroid Pro