The Skewy

A few months ago I had a deeply profound conversation regarding the merits of the word "skewier".

Apparently, my blog is one of the very few places on the Interwebs where this word is being used. I used "skewier" while talking about text-based CAPTCHAs.

Unfortunately, there's no entry on "skewy" or its comparative "skewier" in any dictionaries so I decided to make my own entry here to explain how "skewy" is different than skewed and why it deserves a special place in modern dictionaries.

Furthermore, I decided to give it a second meaning in the context of Mathematics because I'm fairly convinced that Mathematics is not as appealing as it could be as a direct result of not having enough definitions for people to memorize. Just open any Mathematics textbook and see what I mean.

Also I came up with this definition because I'm too lazy to say "the smallest square root of blah blah" and because I want the glossary section of this blog to look meatier.

Hopefully people around the world will recognize the merits of this word someday and allow it to be used in Scrabble games.

But for now, I'll just make another strange claim, which follows from Corollary 1 from this post

Claim: If s is the skewy mod n then 2s2 = ((n-1)/2) + 1